Here’s what you get (near Hobart) for $400,000

I can’t tell you how many emails, texts and Facebook messages I get from friends of varying degrees mentioning that they’re either

a. visiting Hobart, could you recommend some properties to look at?
b. need to buy an investment property, which suburbs should we be looking at?

Thus far, zero people have actually bought – because they usually have this idea that a house in the middle of Hobart will cost $250K. It just ain’t so. A house in the middle of Hobart is still cheaper than a house in the middle of Sydney, but it’s not $250K. Hell, it’s not even $400K.

So, pals, here are four houses under $400K and where you’re needing to go to get them. When you search ‘Greater Hobart Region’ there are 829 properties.


438 Woodbridge Hill Road, Woodbridge
Offers over $400KĀ 

Woodbridge is a sleepy little village forty minutes drive from the middle of Hobart. It’s across the channel from Bruny Island and right next door to Kettering, where the Bruny Ferry leaves from. There’s a general store and a fancy(-ish) restaurant nearby. So, you’re pretty much moving to Woodbridge for some peace and quiet.

Doesn’t look like this place has water views, but you can bet you’re about half a second from the beach. This is a bush oasis. This is where you’ll write your novel or give your kids a great country upbringing.

You also might feel like you’re living inside The Kettering Incident, so I’m not so sure about that….



46 Allumba Street, Howrah

Howrah is on the Eastern Shore, so Hobart people who don’t live on the Eastern Shore will judge you for living on the Eastern Shore. Much like the North Shore- rest of Sydney divide, but with heaps less zeros on your mortgage.

It’s by the beach, apparently has a great primary school and is one of the up and coming areas in Hobart.

If you’re not willing to drive, or don’t have kids, or aren’t into watersports (sailing, kayaking etc, not the sexy watersports!) think twice about living in this part of town – there’s barely any decent nightlife. There’s a couple of decent restaurants, but everything’s closed by 10pm. This might change in time as developers hone in on Bellerive, but it’s not likely to be happening in the next year or two. If you love your retro architecture and a great, big back yard, Howrah is the place for you.


66 Montagu Street, New Norfolk

Okay, so here’s the thing: you’re not going to make great capital gains in New Norfolk, but you’re going to be living in a place full of history with a pretty lovely landscape. You’re also half an hour closer to Launceston, while only being thirty five minutes outside Hobart.

And, look at this place! Look how loved it is! Look at it’s incredible established garden and the huge backyard? Not to mention that delightful hippy dayroom and a terrific kitchen.


Another thing – Rosehaven is filmed in New Norfolk, so who knows, it might just become the Port Isaac of Tasmania (only, to be honest, New Norfolk isn’t nearly as adorable as Doc Martin’s little village).

1/4 Temperance Lane, Franklin

If you’re a bit of a Boaty McBoatface, you’ll love Franklin. It’s on the water, near Cygnet, forty minutes drive from Hobart and all about boats. Well, boats and history.

It’s seriously rustic and seriously pleasant, and in a good way. And you’re right by the river, and it’s a gorgeous, fat, clean beautiful river.


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