5 reasons to ditch Sydney for Hobart

  1. Whack weather situation in SydneyI dunno about you, but I was in Sydney over Christmas and it was too sunny for the beach, too bloody hot to leave the fan (yep, my cousin’s house where I was staying DIDN’T HAVE A/C).

    Basically, if global warming keeps doing it’s thing, Sydney’s going to be 55 degrees and uninhabitable in thirty years and who’s going to buy your $2 million studio apartment then, hey?


  2. You can buy an inner city house for (way) under a million dollars And you know what? Once you’re in Hobart long enough, you’ll be appalled when things sell to mainlanders for over $500,000. You won’t believe they could be so silly.


  3. In summer/autumn you can pick fruit from the side of the roadIf you live in Hobart and buy fruit during summer, you’re a fool. A drive out to the Huon Valley and you’ll find rogue apple trees and blackberry bushes by the acre. It’s so great, there’s even a map to find your fruit.

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  4.   HO*BARTER HO*BARTER is a Facebook page where you’ll barter for any good you can think of. If you’ve too many lemon trees in your backyard, and need a new toaster – let these punks know! I’ve seen beds, couches, old cameras, food, pretty much anything you can think of find homes on this page. It’s a really wonderful community.


  5. The BeachesYou’ve been tricked into thinking Sydney’s beaches are the best. But do you really want to to be swimming in a sea of poo with thousands of other people on the hottest days of the year?

    That will NEVER happen to you in Tasmania. For a start, you’re lucky if there’s twenty people on a beach at any time. And, there’s a secret no one is letting you in on: the beaches aren’t much colder than the east coast beaches. In fact, on a hot summer day they feel exactly the same. The water is pristine and in some spots you can even shuck your own oysters. Actual paradise.



  1. Romani eunt domus

    So glad you’re posting again. I’m new from the mainland and live your blog. Not sure I agree with the 500k thing though – lots absolutely for under that, but definitely a market above that too.


    1. Totally, Romani. It’s actually really changed over the past five or six months, I think! Thanks for that lovely message.


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