3 houses under $300K

Punk. I’ve been neglecting my real duty. I’ve been carried away with cute, inner city cottages and mansions, when what you need is the ‘super cheap’. I’ve put that in quotation marks, because if we were talking about a dress for $300,000 that would be ridiculous – somehow, real estate punks have made us think that $300K is cheap for a house.

So, here goes:

aaa11 Cook Street, Lutana
2br, 1 bath

Okay, so techers this isn’t under $300K, but try. Most people looking in Lutana will want more than two bedrooms. It’s a family suburb, not far from the city – about half way between the city and MONA (and MONA is 15 mins from the city). I can’t believe Lutana’s not more expensive – it’s an extremely well kept suburb, made up mostly of really nice weatherboard and fibro houses. it’s right near the Derwent. You could have a lovely life here.
16 Nerine Street, Primrose Sands
3 bed, 1 bath

Tasmanians, Hobart people in particular, have a huge aversion to driving. They think living 15 mins drive from work is borderline insanity. That’s why this almost-waterfront is so cheap. Primrose Sands is about 30-40 mins drive from Hobart. The airport is in the middle between Primrose Sands and Hobart, if you’re wanting more context.

For some reason, this place reminds me a lot of the TV series The Affair. Does that make Primrose Sands Hobart’s The Hamptons? I’m not sure, but this is a pretty cheap way to live by the beautiful Tassie coastline.

1 Yaralla Place, Berriedale
3br, 1 bath

I don’t get why Berriedale is so cheap to buy in. Berridale is where MONA is. It’s 15 minutes drive from town, has spectacular views, and DID I TELL YOU IT’S WHERE MONA IS?!

Every day you can go and eat at their delicious cafe, go to markets on the weekend, get in for free (because you’re Tasmanian).

Plus, this place has a beautiful renovation. Look at it. It’s clean, fresh and lovely. And, did I tell you it’s right near MONA? You’ll be invited up for orgies in no time.

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  1. David Byles

    I know what you mean by Lutana. I’ve driven around there a few times and it has great water views


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