Let your eyes but not your budget explode with these Hobart delights

Punks, if you knew what my friend sold his 3 br, 2 bathroom townhouse without a yard for on the weekend, you’d be pretty depressed. And, you’d try to kidnap his sprog, because basically, my friend is rich now.

Let me now take you through the charming streets of Hobart, a place where you won’t be scared to walk home at night. A place so quaint there isn’t an Uber to be found (yet).

Gem in the rough
12B Lynton Avenue, South Hobart
2br, 2 bath


I’m going to level with you, punks, South Hobart is hardly the Badlands, but it’s not my favourite part of the city. It’s right on the foot of the mountain, and, although this is no way backed up by the BOM, it feels colder than the rest of Hobart.

However, SoHo is super close to town, there’s a few cute cafes and the greatest dog groomer in Hobart.

My guess is that a 2 bedder in South Hobart for 600K will sit on the market for AGES unless one of you, flush with Sydney/Melbourne cash think it’s a bargain and swoop in to buy (it’s not, but compared to Sydney…). Check it out though, how lovely is it? And, it’s on a decent sized block too.


Don’t snooze, can’t loose
158 Harrington Street, Hobart
2br, 2 bath


If some punk wanted around $600K for this one, I’d believe it more readily. This is in the middle of the city, walking distance to everything, you’re right near an actual church and I would imagine in the zone for a bunch of good schools.

And, the reno. It’s gorgeous. I want that ensuite in my belly immediately. Will update with a price when the real estate agent finally responds to my furious happy cries.

Sufjan & Mellie’s Lovenest¬†
452 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart
9 br, 9 bath
Expressions of Interest


Punk, the fact of the matter is this: my day job is from time to time talking to musicians, and until I get made redundant or meet Sufjan Stevens, it’s likely to continue being my day job.

Now, I introduce to you what will become Sufjan and my lovenest. This is the place where we’ll provide retreat for artists from all around the world. Great albums will be written there. I’ll even convert to loving God for him, if this is our home. It’s going to be wonderful.

Sufjan will love it here. We’ll go bushwalking some weekends, swimming in rockpools on others.

The great thing about this place, is it’s in North Hobart. Punk, North Hobart is the bees knees. It’s the greatest suburb in Hobart, aside from Bellerive, where I live. It’s super close to everything, it has the coolest (but rudest, beware, they once made my pregnant friend and I eat our icecreams outside) cinema in town, the yummiest restaurants, and the cutest little bars. Oh, and there are actual shops for cupcakes and lollies.

Keep in mind you can’t get to comfy in this house, though. Sufjan and I will be making you an offer you can’t refuse in a few years time (and buying the cinema and only hiring nice people).

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