“What are you doing, telling everyone our secret?!”

I’ve had this blog for a few weeks, punks. And every day I get a post or an email or a tweet that looks something like this:


Sometimes they’re tongue in cheek, sometimes they’re serious.

I’m writing this post, so I can just link this to the comment/tweet/post/message and not have to answer every single one.

  1. Tasmania isn’t a secret. It’s on every single world map.
  2. If anything is going to push up your property prices, it’s not going to be a blog/facebook page with 300 followers, okay?
  3. When I have something I love, I want to share it, not jealously guard it.
  4. It might seem charmingly parochial to be ‘keeping Tasmania a secret’, but there are wider ramifications for not wanting anyone to ‘discover what we have’. It’s exclusionary. As hard as some groups in of our society are try to change this, Australia is still the great multicultural experiment that’s worked. Let’s welcome people to any part of our country who want to have a safe, beautiful place to live.
  5.  This horse bolted when the first MONA ferry left Franklin Wharf.
  6. The more people we have in a place, the more industry we get, the more community we get, the more stories we get, the more experiences we get shaping our diversity, the closer we are to the rest of the world.Also, the more people here, the more people to agitate for better education, the more people to demand medical specialists, the more people to expect better public transport.


  1. But I’m relying on you! I’ve even got a four step plan:

    1. Mellie writes more kick ass blog posts.
    2. Gets more followers.
    3. Push my property price up.
    4. Profit.


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  2. Alison Dell

    You are so right Mel. Big love, Alison xx


  3. Omid

    I’d like to add that an increased population for Tasmania would be good for its economy and society … beautiful Tassy is a laggard when it comes to educational results and employment. 😦


  4. Stuart Brown

    Homeless people are increasing, in Hobart and Launceston, the internet is unreliable where I live, it can rain for 2/3 rds of the time, for months, Mainlanders don’t come, but it’s hard to stop them, prices are so good. Prices are 40% lower than in 2008, before the Global Financial Crisis, the internet, car ferry, airports, TV, newspapers, supermarkets, are here and they’ve got money, the retires are coming.


  5. David Byles

    I’m in Sydney and I’ve been to Tassie many many times and plan to move there eventually. I’ve been telling everyone about Tassie’s secrets for years. People here are shocked at how cheap it is


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