A house and a job in one beautiful Hobart suburb

I’m always frank with you here, punks. You know that.

It’s time I told you about Bellerive, the jewell of Hobart’s Eastern Shore! The greatest suburb in Hobart! The most well kept secret (have you noticed how Tasmanians like to think of Tasmania as ‘a secret’? I’m becoming local, punks, I’m becoming local).

Not only is it beside a beautiful beach:


but, it’s where I live.

Beachside, 7 mins drive from the Hobart CBD, home to Bellerive Oval and poorly attended cricket test matches (that’s right – if you’re lucky you’ll match with Warnie on Tinder too!), growing restaurant and cafe scene, and gorgeous houses that are a good bit cheaper than in the city.

It’s the life we dream about in Sydney. I’m typing this to you now from my study, which, I kid you not, looks out on the beach, where I can see people kayaking on the shimmering blue water.

And guess what. I’ve found you a job and a house here. I can meet you with scones and coffee at your office. You can come and play with my dogs during your lunch break. You can also swim in the ocean, work out at the outdoor gym and eat questionable fish and chips from the local chippie.

Here’s the house: 

bellerive frontage.jpg

And, check out the land it’s on. There’s room for a pony or the greatest veggie garden you’ve ever seen or a granny flat for your year-round Airbnb side line business.

bellerive backyard .jpg

And how adores is that little chicken coop in the back? At the Bream Creek Farmers Market there’s a stall that sells real living quails and blueberry trees – I’m excited for you already!

Here’s the job. You’re welcome. From this morning’s The Mercury. So it’s a freshy.


You’re welcome. See you soon! xx


  1. Shhhh! Stop giving away all of South Tassie’s secrets! 😉

    At least you haven’t given away too many secrets over my way yet. Oh wait, Bream Creek Farmers Market is another one you’ve slipped in there. Love my monthly Sunday morning trip out to that for a bacon and egg breakfast and coffee while listening to the buskers followed by picking up some local produce!


    1. It’s the best, isn’t it? I always leave it resolved to sort my garden out.


      1. The Bream Creek Show is supposed to be pretty good so mark that one on your calendar for 18th March next year.


  2. David Byles

    $1.1 Million? I think there are far better buys at the price


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