Punk, have I got some jobs for you!

I find myself being so excited about this place lately, I’m wanting to blog every day. I won’t, because that’s annoying, but I JUST FOUND SOME AMAZING JOBS FOR YOU (in order of amazingness):


Why on earth would a job at Catholic Care make it onto this blog? Refugees, that’s how.

Last year, Premier Will Hodgman committed to taking in 500 Syrian refugees. Refugees from Syria and Iraq started arriving in Hobart last week. And, guess who’s helping them into Australian life? Catholic Care. So you can be at the forefront of welcoming and helping families make a life in this gorgeous place.


Are you into sport? Crazy about cricket? A great sports administrator? How interesting would this be?!

Hoping my lady friends, in particular, are interested in going after this job. Your office will be pretty much across the road from my house, so coffees can be had constantly (as well as ocean swims and cuddles with the puppies).


Fair dinky dinks, dudes if I wasn’t so bloody unfit I’d be going for one of these jobs. Working in the Tasmanian bush?! YES PLEASE.

The Three Capes Track job sounds the best. I’ve interviewed one of the rangers previously and it sounded like a beautiful, communal job. Also, a job for someone who’s creative, as well as loves the outdoors – you do shifts that are somewhere like 10 days on 10 days off.

And, this is your office:


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  1. Oh Mel. Love it! Bring on more jobs and cottage-porn


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