Properties of the week

Dearest Punk,

You’re about to enter the weekend, and if you’re looking for a house in Sydney or Melbourne, that means you’re not having good time of it, are you?

You’re looking at a weekend filled with too much coffee and probable heartbreak. One side of your brain fighting the other:

“Let’s just do this!”

“You can’t afford it!”

“You weak chump! It’ll be worth double in two years. It’s already increased by $200K in six months!”

“It’s a bubble! It’s going to burst!”

And so on, and so forth. You know I know you.

So, as I’ll continue to do until you move down here, I’ve found three relatively affordable homes in the nation’s southern most, harbourside, historic, liveable state capital city.


Cottage so charming I nearly didn’t post it Cottage
2br, 1bath
Hobart $495,000+


I’m not going to lie, punks. I nearly didn’t post this one. Why? Because it’s so delightful I’ve been doing sums and calendars all week to see if I could sell my house and buy this one. It got so serious I did a drive-by. Well, three drive-bys.

Here’s why: check the link. It’s so charming. It’s the perfect cottage, with a great reno. When you see it from the street, it’s got a glorious garden full of roses and cute shrubs. And, the location. Crikey.

It’s on Macquarie Street, almost, but not quite, in the CBD. This means, although it’s a main road, it’s not that insanely busy. It’s got one of Hobart’s top posh girls’ schools within 300m. You can walk EVERYWHERE from here: the CBD, Salamanca, Battery Point, Sandy Bay, University of Tasmania, Errol Flynn’s first school. It’s a glorious, glorious location.

This place will be on the market for about half an hour, so if you can, get your finance together and buy it. As well as all these great things above, you could really easily rent out your spare room to AirBnB  for a bit of extra scratch.

And then, in about five years, when I’m filled with regret at not buying it this week, I’ll buy it from you.

Weatherboard is the new sandstone, don’t you know it?
3br, 1bath
Moonah, $350,000+


Punks. The only thing I love more than this suburb, Moonah, is the thought of having a mortgage around $350K. And, a three bedroom house with a big backyard to go with it.

What could you get in Sydney or Melbourne ten minutes down the highway from the CBD? A really nice car spot? An investment studio in a hotel chain?

Check this place out. It’s a gorgeous reno – and a particularly lovely kitchen and outdoor area.

Fletcher Avenue is just off the Brooker Highway, which could be slightly problematic, but mostly, it’s convenient as it’s a quick drive to get to the main roads.

And, did I mention MORTGAGE AROUND $350K YES PLEASE.

What will a million doolahs buy me in Tasmania? 
9br, 3bath
West Hobart, $1,000,000+


Punks. In this instance? A bloody beautiful house, with a granny flat and an apartment for you to rent out as well.

And did I mention that it says West Hobart, but it’s still probably a five-ten minute walk to the CBD.

Perfect commune for you and your hippy friends to raise babies in together. West Hobart is  pretty much where the cool, arty types of Hobart go when they grow up and have kids. You know who I’m talking about: great at doing fun things at school fetes, always having fancy dress parties, super communal.

West Hobart is also home to the famed Hill Street Grocer and about the most incredible kids park you’ll ever see (seriously, there’s a train there).

I’m looking forward to meeting an Antarctic Scientist (specialising in penguins, preferably) and raising our batch of nerds there one day. Join me?






  1. That cottage can NOT be real


    1. It’s real and it’s spectacular!


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