Reason to Move to Tassie #2: THE DONUT SITUATION

Punks. I’ve been fat my entire life, give or take a few years.

So, I know a muthafuggin’ thing or two about donuts.

And, can I tell you, I’ve never lived in a place with such an incredible variety of delicious donuts than Hobart. From the fancy gourmet to the perfect $1 cinnamon dusted oil fest.

According to my Dad, who’s visiting me at the moment, “There’s nothing better than sitting down with a black coffee and a donut.”

So, here’s your Hobart guide – to donuts.

1. Fermented Sourdough Heaven Donut – Honey Child’s Creole Corner

donut-honey-childPhoto by Alice Mahina, Honey Child’s Creole Corner

Okay, so holy donuts, hey? How amazing does this look? It looks amazing and it tastes about a gazillion times as delicious as it looks. So, can you imagine the delicious, can you?!

Toni and Alice who run Honey Child’s Creole Corners are part of my Hobart crew, and you have no idea how talented these women are at food. Their food is an incredible mix of African American, Mexican, Hawaiian, Asian, Creole – and everything you eat of theirs, you eat with a sigh. A sigh that is all ‘How did my life get as good as this?’.

Toni and Alice will pop up in this blog a lot, because I love their guts, but for now, we’re going to focus on Alice’s donut. It’s so special. Alice spent ten months working on it, getting the flavours and fermenting right until she gifted it to the Hobart community.

Let me tell you about it – Alice ferments sourdough for FOUR DAYS, and then Toni adds the delicious filling inspired by American pies. The one you can see is Lemon Meringue, but you could also find yourself tucking into Cheesecake, Double Berry, Tiramisu.

It’s donut heaven, I tell ya. Donut heaven.

Oh! And one other things. My girls don’t have a restaurant or a cafe or a shop – they pop up all over Hobart and the only way you’ll know where to find them next, and what’s on their menu, is through their Facebook page.

2. Fancy schmancy artisan deliciousness donut – Small Fry

amall-fryPhoto from Small Fry Hobart Facebook page

Punks, punks, punks. Let me tell you what you can see here in this photo, because I’ve tried them all. And they’re all incredible.

I kinda don’t want to though, I want you to try them for yourself and discover the wonder that is the Small Fry Donut.

Small Fry is almost, but not quite, a hole in the wall in Bathurst Street, right in the city. I was introduced to it by a pal who was visiting and instagrammed a picture of a couple of donuts. I messaged her immediately “Where is this place? Why don’t I know about it?”. Within an hour, so devoted to donuts am I, I was seated at Small Fry, tucking into one.

At Small Fry, you’re all sitting around a big table, which is in front of the chef. The chef cooks the food while you sip at your perfect coffee in a delightful cup.

3. Cripps nutella el cheapo donut 

cripps-donut-properPhoto from Cripps Bellerive Facebook page

It took me a while to realise that Cripps Bellerive was anything more than my local bakery with terrific donuts and world famous hot chips.

Cripps is actually like the Tip Top or Buttercup of Tasmania. It’s the big, big, bread company. Every corner shop has a load of Cripps bread, crumpets, muffins, pikelets – you know the deal.

These donuts though, in three flavours (jam, nutella and jelly & custard) I’ve only seen at the bakery in Bellerive. They might be all around Hobart, but I’ve not seen them. And here’s the thing: they’re $1.40 each. They’re fresh and soft and sugary and scrumptious.

And you know what else? Cripps always have plates and plates full of yesterday’s breads and loaves and sweeties on plates for you to try. So a donut and a visit to the bakery is pretty good if you’re needing to stretch your dollar.

4. To market, to market for scrummy creamy delicate divine donuts

ladyhesterrrrPhoto from Lady Hester’s Facebook page


All right, punkeroonis. We’ve a late addition to this list. And, it’s an important one. It’s a donut I’m yet to try, but I’m assured by friend Mem Rynne they’re amazing. I trust her. I trust Mem on this so implicitly, I asked her to write a guest review. Here it is:

“Lady Hester’s sourdough doughnuts came into existence around the time of the first or maybe second Dark Mofo festival, all I can remember is that I was so hyped for them I could barely stand, and even then, they didn’t let me down. They offer four different filling flavours (though those fillings are usually a combo of delicious things in themselves) and the flavours tend to change with the seasons. I can’t recommend the preserved lemon curd any more highly, though a close second to that is the dark chocolate filling (a staple, but teamed with seasonal bonuses, like honeycomb as of Spring 2016)… particularly if you zap said dark chocolate doughnut in a microwave for 10-15 seconds. You’re so welcome. Find them at Farm Gate Market on Bathurst St every weekend and at Dark Mofo’s winter feast every year. Don’t wait every year though. Every week is so much better.”

ps. If you still miss Krispy Kreme after those, which you won’t, fear not. Every time you pick someone up from the airport, you’ll get a half dozen. Or, you’ll get them for whoever picks you up. It’s a thing. A Hobart thing.

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  1. Oh you MUST give me a donut tour when I come to visit!


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