You gotta have a J-O-B

Here’s what I keep hearing about Tasmania:

“It’s beautiful. I love it there. There’s just no – there’s just no – there’s just no (sob!) jobs.”.

So here’s the thing about jobs in Hobart. There might not be your dream job, but the cost of living is so cheap, you can probably work a part time job a few days a week and pursue your dreams the other days of the week.

At the time of writing, there are 535 jobs advertised in Hobart on There’s also a bunch of less glam jobs on old mate Gumtree (cash in hand, YES PLEASE!).

And, look what I just found on Facebook:


Here’s five jobs (plus one exercise in exploitation) I found with a cheeky little search that might appeal to you, so you can come down here and go bushwalking and/or gin drinking with me every weekend.

Fancy-Schmancy-Coolio-Iglesias job

MONA needs a publications manager. Punks, you have no idea how cool MONA is. You think you do, but you don’t. For a start, I’ve never met anyone who works there who doesn’t have a rocking hair cut with a colour that won’t quit. They’re so cool at MONA I’m sure their staff parties all end with orgies up against the vagina wall. Seriously. They’re some cool people.


Dudes. Apple wants to pay you to talk to people from your gorgeous Hobart pad all day in your undies. Seriously. They need support workers and they can’t be arsed stumping up for a soulless call centre, so they want to set you up in Hobart patting your dogs all day and eating pancakes for every meal. I’m betting you’d get pretty excellent Apple gear for this job too. No more PC’s or Androids for you, punk.

Make-A-Difference-In-Your-Life-For-Once job

You need to be a smart cookie for this job, with a bit of a law background. Not necessarily a law degree, but you need to have studied a bit of law, or spent some time in law-land. It’s working for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community Legal Service as a Client Service Officer. You’ll need to have smarts and passion for this job, because funding to community legal services around the country continues to be cut.

Sweet-With-Pretty-Pretties job

So you need to be a make up artist for this one, but who among us isn’t a bit of a makeup artist, amirightladycakes? This job is in the Hobart Myer, working for Lancome as a Beauty Advisor. And, I ask you this, have you ever been into a department store and found the beauty advisors anything but lovely? No you haven’t. This job would be lovely, and I reckon there’d be some good discounts there for you.

Dream-job-for-cricket-heads job

Okay, so this isn’t a full time job, and it looks like they’re paying below award wage, but I’m pretty sure when I send this link to my brother he’ll finally move here. T20 are looking for umpires. That’s right. Get paid to have a front row standing position at the cricket, and have loads of people hurl abuse and beer cans at you. I live super close to the Oval, so you can come hang with the dogs and I after. Sound good? Great. Let T20 make loads of money from you giving up your weeknights.

Fancy-receptionist-or-concierge job

Okay, so I’m not going to link to many hospitality jobs in Hobart here, because if you can’t find one on the internet to apply for, I’m not sure you’ll be able to get it together to move to Tassie in the first place. This job has been floating around the internet for a while. It sounds like fancy marketing speak for being a really great receptionist or concierge or maitre-d -they’re looking for a ‘master storyteller’, which kinda sounds like a load of buzzword shizzle to me, but it’s always exciting being somewhere new and cool. Go for it.



Or, come to Tasmania and train up as something new. Go to TAFE and be Charlene. Become a copper. Become a doctor. Go be a paramedic.

Leonard Cohen just released an album at 82. There’s still time for you to achieve your dreams of being an astrophysicist!

Tasmania holds your dreams, punks.


  1. Carol Gale

    Your posts crack me up Mel! Love them!


    1. So glad matey thank you! x


  2. Yep. Tasmania is an awesome place to live if you can find work. I moved here in May without a job, but managed to find part time work within around a month. Just gotta look hard and be a little lucky! 🙂


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