Properties of the week (for sale)

So, for the urbanite looking for a sea change/ green change/ lovely life change, I’m going to post three times a week. Once, with three or four properties for sale during the week and some information about them, secondly, some rentals, and thirdly, something I think you should know about Hobart Life.

This blog will be mainly about Hobart, as I know it and its market better than the rest of the state. Occasionally, I might post about properties that catch my eye, or interesting things people have done with properties beyond Hobes.

5 bedroom, 2 bathroom
12 Francis Street, Battery Point* 
Expressions of interest ($1.5 million plus)


This property last changed hands in March 2013 for $1.3 million, and has been having a serious renovation ever since. My guess is that they’ve spent a fair bit on it and expressions of interest will be ideally around the $1.7 million. And, unless the vendors are money bags property developers (which they could very well be), they might need to offload it soon.

I’ve noticed since being in Hobart that Battery Point properties over a million tend to hang on the market a little longer than those below (with a few exceptions). One man I met at the dog park had his enormous guest house on sale for three years before selling. It’s as though they wait for some Moneybags with bags of Sydney money to swoop in and retire into it.

Battery Point is your classic gentrified former working class suburb filled with small cottages and beautiful renovated palaces. The demographic skews towards those of retirement age. It’s super pleasant, and a bit like living in a story book – gorgeous little gardens and parks, reasonable cafes and restaurants, a couple of decent pubs and water views in most places.

It’s a short walk to the CBD and within spitting distance of the Salamanca Markets.

However, I lived there six months in a very dingy flat when I first got here, and though the neighbours were all lovely, I felt as though I was living in a pretty exposed tourist destination. Privacy became my key indicator for a good property to move to.

3 bedroom, 1 bathroom
28 Carr Street, North Hobart**


This is another bloody ‘Expressions of Interest’ property, but looking at past market indicators I’d imagine it will go for a bit above $480-490K.

It’s in an absolutely cracking area of Hobart. North Hobart is where the great nightlife is – the good restaurants, bars, cafes etc that the locals go to. Well, the local yuppies, I’d venture to say!

North Hobart is also within walking distance of the CBD too, so you’re set if you buy here to not really worry about driving during the week.

The problem with this house is a problem you’ll find is so common to old Hobart houses, there’s only one bathroom. Also, the backyard isn’t the veggie garden paradise a lot of backyards are in the city, so you might be able to negotiate around this.

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom
72 Albert Road, Moonah ^


Okay, so you can see the obvious problems from the photos of this place. It’s bang, smack in the middle of an industrial area. Look at that chunk of concrete beside you and in the backyard?

Don’t be pushed away by that – Moonah is a neighbourhood that’s going off. It’s one of the uniquely multi-cultural neighbourhoods in Hobart. Not only is it close to MONA (and I have a friend who lives right near this spot who makes a killing with her spare room on AirBNB when she needs some $$$), but it’s home to the beautiful, state of the art Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) which has brought an extra vibrancy to Moonah.

It’s not yuppified yet, which is what makes it great. It certainly has a few markers of gentrification starting to creep in though – St Albi is a bar/restaurant on the same road as this house which is so cool and friendly you run a risk of becoming an alcoholic if you buy this house – you’ll want to be there all the time.

Moonah is also home to a bunch of industry, with a Bunnings super close to this house, so any renos you want to do  so it will be easy to find the skills nearby to help you.

And, in actual fact, what you’re paying for is the location here. You can get much more bang for this buck moving a bit further up the Moonah hill.

*Photo pilfered from Ray White
**Photo pilfered from Ripple
^Photo pilfered from EIS

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