Have your smashed avocado and eat it too (by moving to Hobart)

We’re all feeling a bit raw, hey?

A 1 bedroom house in Camperdown just sold for $1.23mil the same weekend old mate Bernard Salt told us we need to banish the highly nutritious and delicious smashed avocado breakfast if we ever want to get onto the property ladder.

I know a place where you can have your smashed avocado and a home to eat it in too.

Tasmania. Hobart, precisely, if you’re wanting all the things we wish we had in Sydney, without the price tag.

Sydney real estate has been my obsession (along with musicals and trying to exercise  regularly) since a Geography excursion when I was in Year 11 at school. We were driven up in an old bus from an hour and a half out of Sydney, and walked through the streets, mainly to look at terrace houses in Darlinghurst and Newtown.

528 Bourke Street, Surry Hills was a property I became enthralled by, because at the time it was for sale. Four storey, run down, I drew a picture of it in my diary and from then on it was the Sydney house I imagined all my dreams inside. I thought it was within my reach, if I could just convince someone to give me the $315K it was on the market for. This is 1996.

I’ve watched this property over the last 20 years. In 2008, I ended up buying a small shoebox apartment on Bourke Street, the Taylor Square end, hoping to eventually make my way down the street.

According to the internet, the property was last sold in 2008 for $1.4million, and has been made into two bedroom units, valued today at over $800K each.

In 2015 I did what I think was probably a dud move financially, but a pretty nice move in terms of bang for buck.

Transferred to Hobart for work, I decided to sell my Bourke Street apartment to get out of a heap of debt I was in, and try and find a townhouse in Hobart where my dog would have a backyard.

What I found in Hobart was a beautiful three bedroom house, across the road from the beach (and, a dog beach to boot!), with a beautiful little backyard – for the price my little flat in Taylor Square would be worth today.

I’ve spent so much time thinking about Hobart vs Sydney and have worked out that Hobart is pretty much what we all wish Sydney could be: affordable, by the beach, great food, negligible traffic. We just don’t get big bands playing gigs, but if you moved here THAT MIGHT CHANGE.

So, instead of constantly bombarding my seven or eight friends who are looking down here for an investment property to move to in the next ten years, I thought I’d seize the unrest felt around Sydney real estate and try and convince you to move here with this little blog.

I’ll post property listings that are appealing, as well as bits and pieces about life in Hobart.

Mellie xx

This is my little muffin Mabel playing in one of the dog parks in Hobart, Princes Park, in Battery Point.


  1. Adam Muyt

    Sssshhhhh Mellie…
    (BTW, your Mutt looks happy!)


    1. She loves it! So does her sister, who’ll be making an appearance very soon I’ve no doubt 🙂


  2. John Booth

    Been here 7 years. Not too many please!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Zack Blackstone

    What are you doing? If you tell people about Tasmania – and they act, prices will go up. Please stop!…I love your radio show, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love your blog! I am an old Tasmanian inspired to move home. Will watch this space


    1. Oh that’s so great to hear! Thank you for letting me know! Good luck 🙂


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